Comedy Demo

This demo is for Student Activities
at colleges and universities in New England.  However this page can be viewed by anyone, so I put some beeps in the demo. Most of the time I do an R rated show for adults only.


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I tell jokes about relationships and college life not only because they are funny; the message is that everyone has wants, needs, and goals. I don’t know if my parents approve of my adult comedy, but the audience loves it!


Demo for comedy clubs and events!

First show ever.



Client Testimonials

Check out some of our client testimonials below

Carol J. Matteson, Ph.D.

President of Mount Ida College

"...Our students were very impressed with him.  He was able to keep their attention throughout the performance.  I know that they now have a new found respect and perspective for individuals who may be physically challenged.  I would strongly encourage you to bring him to your campus if you are looking for a comedy act that is entertaining as well as educational." 

Sandra L. Caron, Ph.D.

Professor of Family Relations/Human Sexuality

"...He was a finalist at the Portland’s Funniest Professional contestant at  the Comedy Connection.  I do know that just the 5 minute routine he did for my class was well received.  They loved him.  I really encourage any Campus Activities to book this amazing comic.  He is very funny and he has great messages in his routine!" 

Tim Ferrell

Talent Coordinator Portland Comedy Connection

"...With 20+ years in the entertainment field, I have never been so surprised the first time I saw him perform. It is incredible how he turns the audiences around with his style of comedy.  To be honest with you, I was very apprehensive the first time I spoke to him but now he is one of the best comedians at the Comedy Connection..." 

PJ Thibodeaue

Headlines all over the US

"Your timing (which is hugely important if you want to control an audience) is impeccable. And the jokes are great too. The best thing that you are doing, in my opinion, is relating yourself to everyone with material that connects you to them. Most people go through the same things in life so if you can put your own little spin on something you immediately connect with your audience. You definitely do that when you're up there on stage."


Check out some of the audience members testimonials below!

Great show, you are very funny!

“I loved the natural way you fit the "life lessons" into your performance, something that is so important for the kids to hear, especially the seniors who are headed to college this fall.”


"Thank you so much for taking your time to come perform, everyone I have talked to absolutely loved it, and were very excited that they attended. I loved how you wove in life lessons, I think it shows what you truly stand for."

I thought you did awesome!

"Kiwanis stands for what you are- a real inspiration and you have a good message for the youth so what you said and did was right on target. We stand for helping only children in our communities and your message is important which is don't be stupid and drink and do drugs and flunk out of college."


"Bill was HILARIOUS!!!  Book him now!!!"


"What a great performance you put on you were every bit as good if not better than the gentleman from Boston."

Very funny!

"Bill, u have an amazing sense of humor! U were by far the best of all the comedians. U just won another groupy!"